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How to Make your Green Cleaning Kit

Some commercial cleaning products today are still filled with many harsh chemicals and toxicity that can mostly be avoided if you focus on working with other solutions.

Make Your House Vintage Glory Without Affecting Your Wallet

Have you been recently walking into your own home and have been wondering how you can possibly explore the best way to renovate it and give it the vintage glory you have always wished it would have?

Make Your Home More Comfortable With These 5 Designer Tricks

Every house is a reflection of its occupants. Whether you are renting a house or you own one, you tend to leave your mark on the interiors and the overall look of the house.



The Best ‘Lord of the Rings’ Routes to Take for Your New Zealand Road Trip

New Zealand is fast becoming a road trip mecca despite its distance from ‘the rest of the world’. However, what the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ lacks in ease of access – flights can be expensive – it more than compensates for in amazing landscapes.

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