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7 New Uses for Old Furniture

If you’ve a garage full of old furniture and a room full of things that seem dated and you’re tired of looking at it everyday then here are tips to make your old furniture refreshed and new again to fit in your home perfectly.

DIY options

Do it yourself

Save money on your interior design with these 7 simple tricks


Interior design tricks: Building a simple wood bar has never been easier!

Whether you want a bar to give your bachelor pad a special vibe or you want to build an awesome central piece for your family gatherings, building a wood bar is just the thing to do.

a tree stump

How to successfully remove an unwanted tree stump

Many homeowners tend to go the route of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) when it comes to home improvement initiatives

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5 Odd Uses of a Storage Container that Wouldn’t Cross Your Mind Ever!

Storage containers are interesting things. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable.

a plunger

A quick home guide

Easy Ways to Unclog a Sink Naturally

a pond

How to Keep Your Pond Looking Fresh and Clean

When you have your own pond, you have access to a unique piece of nature that is all your own

lady singing with a mop

What to do after the big spring cleaning

The big spring cleaning usually takes place in the beginning of the year with the first warm sunny days and when the air temperatures rises to nearly 15 degrees Celsius.

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DIY - safety when doing DIY

Whilst DIY can be cheap, satisfying and even fun, you will find that there can be moments when it can be seriously dangerous.

DIY Floor Sanding

DIY Floor Sanding

Timber floors need regular care and polishing in order to stand the test of time. The polish applied to the timber floors protect it from wear and tear as well as water damage.

3 Easy DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet like a Plumber

Plumbing needs can arise at any hour and at the most inappropriate time.

The Five Best DIY Gift Ideas for your Family

This Christmas, everybody's stressed out about money, from auto workers in Detroit to bigwigs on Wall Street (OK that's a lie) to college students everywhere.  

Different DIY Mold Testing Kits to Choose From

No matter how you wish your home to be as safe as possible, as long as there are molds in it, this goal will never be realized.

Homemade Chicken and Kale Soup

Homemade Chicken and Kale Soup

Academy award winner Gwyneth Paltrow is not only starring in movies, but she’s creating nutritious recipes and sharing them with the word.

Fall Harvest Quinoa Muffins

Allergy to gluten? Can’t digest yeast? Love quinoa (who doesn’t)? Enjoy baking fall goods? This recipe is for you! Here’s what you need – add all ingredients in a mixing bowl – no specific order.

Making Your Own Juice pt. 2

In the first post about juice I talked about the benefits of making your own juice at home. Here I want to go into a little bit more detail of how to make the actual juice.

Making your own juice

These days its important to stay healthy and after a day at the fair eating as if it was my last meal I decided to show you guys how easy it is to just make your own healthy juice at home.