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Daniel craig causal

Style Crush – Daniel Craig

Born in England this blue-eyed blond has always had an interesting style choices. He


Which Celebrity’s Body Parts Are the Most Famous For Plastic Surgery?

Do you remember being a kid wishing how you would like to look like your mom or dad, or that pretty lady you have seen on TV?


Entertainment Heartbreak

In the world of entertainment, heartbreak has been spreading.

a celebrity child

Celebrity Offspring going strong

Like having celebrity parents wasn’t enough to add to their list of perks, some celebrity offsprings gifted with their parent’s looks and fortunate career are making it big in the film and fashion industry.

the oscars 2015

87th Academy Awards Tonight

The awards ceremony is tonight and we are looking at some big hitters this year competing in these categories

eddy murphy clapping with red hat

SNL’s 40th Anniversary

Sometimes we forget just how long SNL has been on the air.

Robin Williams Passes Away

Robin Williams Passes Away

A true legend of comedy

Star Wars VII cast Revealed

Star Wars VII cast Revealed

Just yesterday the cast for the new star wars movie was released to the public, on the Star Wars website.

John Pinette Dies at 50

John Pinette Dies at 50

John Pinette who was more know for his role in the Seinfeld sitcom, as the citizen being mugged in the series finale was found dead in his hotel room., April 5, 2014.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin call it quits.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin call it quits.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin separate after ten years of marriage.

Actor James Rebhorn Dies

Actor James Rebhorn Dies

The starring actor from the television series Homeland, has passed away this weekend. He was suffering from melanoma, which is a type of skin caner.

David Guetta and Wife Cathy Divorced

David Guetta and Wife Cathy Divorced

In shocking and surprising news David Guetta and his wife Cathy of 24 years have become divorced.

Ellen Degeneres Crashes twitter

Ellen Degeneres Crashes twitter

The Oscars happened this weekend and there were many surprises, especially with the winners.

Justin bebier out of control

Justin has been showing up in the news lately much too often, and things aren't looking good for the kid. He has been diving into the world of drugs quite heavily, but he sees no problem with this.

Kanye brings a beat down

Recently Kayne has got himself into even more trouble, but when has that ever been a surprise. The latest story comes from

Khole and Lamar, is it over?

In the last couple of weeks we have seen Lamar Odom, break down and go on drinking and drug binges. We have seen him at his lowest now, even the lakers have said that they are not willing to take him back.

Charlie Sheen Afraid his kids are in danger

There are many things going on in the world of celebrities on a daily basis that make us stop and wonder. Just recently there is Charlie sheen saying that his children are in danger in the custody of his ex-wife.

Celebrities- Transforming your Life

We all grow up idolizing a celebrity in our life either due to their achievements or due to their major contributions towards the society.

Celebrity News - Why People Love It

Magazines and websites, and in particular celebrity news websites are an interesting way of reading about the happenings in the world of entertainment.

My meeting with a Celebrity

Not all of us have the opportunity to meet a celebrity, And until recently I thought I wouldn't get the opportunity either. Just recently Jennifer Wu, the mother of Jason wu(clothing designer), was in Toronto visiting

Lamar Odom on drug binge

These days celebrities are doing all sorts of crazy things to get attention, like marrying into the Kardashian family.

Kanye West Rips on Kimmel for sketch

The last few weeks have been hectic for Kanye as he is fighting the suits against him for assaulting photographers at LAX.

Miley Cyrus poses topless for rolling stone

For this months issue of rolling stone the former child star miley sirus posed topless. Not only that she had rolling stone tattooed across her feet. Is this normal behavior or is she lashing out?

Jack Nicholson Calling it quits

After all these years, and the great movies that we have seen him in, finally the man is stepping down.