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2014 is a great year for movie goers of the sci-fi and fantasy genre. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is released and a few more interesting movies will make its way later this year.

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High school is definitely not like the movies. I never had detention on a Saturday. I never had a friend like Ferris Bueller call me out of class.

Now that the Oscars are over everyone that missed the winning movies is running out to see them. But we should keep in mind that not all the movies that win deserve it.

Just in Case you missed one of the most fun Oscar Events in the last couple of years, you missed out on many great things. First having Ellen crash twitter then with some very surprising wins at the 86th Academy Awards.

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A review of the book and the movie

I’m not sure how people feel about this series. It certainly didn’t gain the popularity Twilight or The Hunger Games received. Once I heard another series was being turned into film I had to try it – just in case.