The trail of former athlete who murdered his girlfriend carries on for the 4th week now.

The young generations of countries that have been controlled by tyrants and dictators, sometimes stand up and face them head on. A great example of this, is what is happening Venezuela.

People are facing the government head on because they feel that its not doing its job as promised, and causing the quality of life to deteriorate.

We come to another news day and surprise, surprise another food on the list of garbage people are consuming deemed to be a cause of cancer. New studies are showing that the coloring in Pepsi may be too high and causing cancer after long-term exposure.

Last week in the United States it was the thanksgiving weekend, and that meant that it was the weekend of black Friday. Now that the numbers are in, they say it was calm due to the fact that there was only 1 death and 15 injuries. 

Does that really justify that it was a calm black Friday?

The numbers have just been released for the first quarter of the Obamacare program and they are shockingly lower than anyone expected. The government had expected that they would have at least 500,000 people sign up for the program, but it pulled in a measly 100,000. Are these numbers that the government should start worrying about?