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The Danger of Recalled Products

Some product recalls dominate the headlines, but most go under the radar with an average of 6.5 different products recalled each day.

2015 being peeled back

A new Year

2014 a year in review

Donald Sterling Banned for Life

Donald Sterling Banned for Life

The last few days everyone has been following the Donald Streling story. If you haven't here is the quick version of what happened,

Oscar Pistorius murder trial in 4th week

The trail of former athlete who murdered his girlfriend carries on for the 4th week now.

Unrest In Venezuela

The young generations of countries that have been controlled by tyrants and dictators, sometimes stand up and face them head on. A great example of this, is what is happening Venezuela.

Pepsi reducing colouring in Soda

We come to another news day and surprise, surprise another food on the list of garbage people are consuming deemed to be a cause of cancer.

Black Friday – Now the dust has settled

Last week in the United States it was the thanksgiving weekend, and that meant that it was the weekend of black Friday. Now that the numbers are in, they say it was calm due to the fact that there was only 1 death and 15 injuries. 

Six Ways to Keep Your Children Safe in Youth Sports

3.5 million youth sports injuries occur each year, yet the majority of these incidents can be easily prevented by taking precautionary steps.

Obamacare a failure?

The numbers have just been released for the first quarter of the Obamacare program and they are shockingly lower than anyone expected.

Mayor Rob Ford Tarnishes Toronto Image

For the last couple of months the mayor of Toronto, Canada, has been denying his alleged drug use and saying that he was clean. There was insurmountable evidence against him but he kept denying the fact that he had ever used.

David Suzuki...A Fraud?

Just recently I saw an interview with former greenpeace president bashing world famous scientist david suzuki. In this interview they were saying that Suzuki has gone from being genuine about his care for the environment

Wi-fi coming to Toronto subway system

The TTC just announced that certain stations of the subway will be wi-fi enabled meaning you won't miss those important facebook updates while waiting for the train.

New free trade zone proposed in Shanghai, China

Just the other day the government of China has announced that they will be launching a free trade zone in the city of Shanghai. Unlike the other zones created in China to lure in foreign investors this zone is created to do so much more.

Cardboard Cops watching your bike

In Boston police are trying to deter bicycle thieves by placing a cardboard cutout of a police office in the bicycle cage. So when there is not an actual officer on duty in the area this cutout should deter theft

Hyperloop design unveiled: Elon Musk foresees rapid transit in a tube

Here is another great story of how science can be used for something else other than weapon production. Elon Musk released designs of a tube that would span from LA to San Francisco.

NASA wants to mine an asteroid

In 2016 NASA is planning to launch a probe into space to collect core samples off an asteroid named 10155 Bennu.

Twitter gets guy fired

Just outside of Toronto a man twitted yesterday that he wanted someone to come to his workplace to sell him some drugs. The police saw his tweet and re tweeted it and asked him if they could tag along for the buy in a joking way.

Russia says anti-gay law will not affect Games

Over the last couple of weeks there has been so much controversy about the Olympic games being held in Russia due to their anti gay laws.

Newly discovered Lava Planet has 8.5 Hour year

Scientists have discovered an earth sized planet called Kepler 78b, whose surface is completely covered by lava. If that was not intriguing enough, the planet rotates so fast that it completes a year in just 8.5 hours

Sugary drinks linked to aggressive behavior in young children: U.S.A study

A study has recently come out that is inconclusive, but in this study they were trying to relate the aggression in children in respect to the amount of sugary drinks they consumed.

Police in Trouble after raiding the wrong home

Police in an Atlanta county broke into someones home without a proper warrant even when the residents had yelled at the police that they were clearly at the wrong address.

Nasas LADEE launches

Last Friday September 6, 2013 NASA launched a probe called LADEE to the moon. LADEE stands for, lunar atmosphere dust and environment explorer.

Honest ED's up for sale

If you Live in Toronto or have ever visited than you must know of Honest Ed's. This is a great discount store and a fun place to visit. When I saw this story I was not really surprised but at the same time sad.

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