If you are a gamer, or just like free games, here is a great one for you.

South Park Stick of truth, the adventure game that takes vulgar to the next level.

The Valentines Day event has now finished and it was a very disappointing one for tapped out fans. It definitely didn’t deliver the rewards as the other events have done in past events. It seems that the tapped out community is getting bored as we are seeing a new event right after a major one.

Article Submitted by Kevin Lam

The beloved Cyber Dragon from the GX era makes a comeback with its very own structure deck complete with a new XYZ form.


The structure deck is a 40 card deck with 2 Extra Deck monsters.


Article Submitted by Kevin Lam

Set Name: Born of the Gods

Format: Standard

Game: Magic the Gathering

Release Date: February 7, 2014

Born of the Gods took what was in Theros and add more contents to it. We see a lot more of the unique tribes such as satyrs, minotaurs and sea monsters. There’s also added support for enchantments, heroics and devotion.